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Trolley Square tragedy.

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A security guard patrols
The Gateway Mall on Thursday...
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Complete Security Services and Consulting

Dallas Security, Inc. can provide complete consulting services for the creation of a security program for your facilities, no matter the environment.  We conduct physical surveys of your location; acquire statistical evidence on crime in your locale; interview management and staff to consider their needs and concerns; then evaluate your existing operations to determine the levels of security protection.

A security program is then put in place that includes a complete security procedural manual. The use of human and electronic protective measures can be part of the solution but not necessarily. Cost-effective and legally defensible security solutions could be nothing more than a fence or lighting or new locks.

Corporate Security Management Services

How many hats can your facilities or human resources or maintenance or operations manager wear?   Your company needs guidance in the operation of a security function, whatever the level.  But the company's size or revenues do not warrant the employment of a full-time security person. Dallas Security can provide this function under a contractual arrangement.  Dallas Security is the perfect answer for the client with multiple responsibilities and no budget to hire a security manager!  If you are the personnel or plant manager, chief engineer or president AND must also handle the security function for your facility... Dallas Security is available to be your Contracted Security Manager .

Let us review your security/safety problems and then provide the solutions.

  • We'll create or update your security program.
  • Perform a complete risk analysis of your security needs.
  • Review your personnel & proprietary security functions.
  • Provide ethical recommendations & cost-effective answers.

The solution could be as simple as a new lock or an alarm system.   It might even be a reduction in your present security level!  But it will always be reasonable, prudent and responsible.
Our expertise is the result of 35+ years of practical security management experience designing and operating security programs for clients ranging from a doctor's office to a nuclear power station.  Our expertise includes the implementation and operation of security guard staffing in all environments; electronic security systems, card-access control systems, CCTV systems, safe & locksmithing services and the presentation of security and safety awareness programs and workshops.

Risk Analysis Surveys

What is the likelihood of criminal activity occurring against your property, employees or business guests?  What would be the impact of an assault against a business visitor in your parking lot? Dallas Security can acquire statistical data to identify all violent crime trends in your neighborhood and can then furnish a probability rating of future incidents occurring. We can create the required security programs necessary to defend not only your staff, visitors and assets, but to also mitigate damages in civil actions.

DSI will also review your present HR policies on EEOC and other civil rights issues to ascertain your company's legal position against government and civil actions. We can write any policy that is missing and implement training and auditing of its effectiveness. This is especially important in light of the recent (6/26/98) Supreme Court decisions concerning sexual harassment claims in the workplace and updated OSHA regulations concerning safety & security..

Training Programs

Proprietary Information Security

The often unrecognized threat to the protection of tangible and intangible corporate assets is the employee, that is the uninformed employee and the resentful employee.  Ignorance can be very damaging. In most companies there are many employees who are aware of confidential information or trade secrets and who are never given any instruction on protecting this proprietary information.  DSI will customize an awareness program to teach your staff the importance of protecting the future of your business from accidental loss or intentional theft.  We can also teach all levels of management about dealing with the resentful employee that would enjoy damaging the employer's business by disclosing proprietary data.

Non-violent Crisis Intervention

Teach your employees how to protect themselves and other innocent employees from the violent employee or other person who is acting out or acting inappropriately. This eight (8) hour course is offered as an adjunct to other security programs and is for existing clients.

Personal Security Awareness

Staying safe is the goal at home or at work, commuting or traveling, locally or internationally.  We will teach your staff how to avoid problems on the street, subway, parking lot and elevator.  If an employee is injured while on company business or injured while Saturday shopping, it still impacts on your business. Employees are often a company's most valuable asset.

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